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Culinary Schools and Fine Restaurants that use Tuile Time Pastry Templates

Tuile Time Pastry Templates are used across the country by chefs in the finest restaurants and culinary schools in the world.

For more information or to purchase Tuile Time Pastry Templates for your restaurant or school, please look for a retailer in your area or feel free to contact Chef John Rubino at 954.907.7292 for more details.


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Culinary & Pastry Schools

  The French Pastry School     A French Pastry School located in Chicago IL owned and operated by chefs Jacquy Pfeiffer and Sebastien Canonne, MOF  
  The French Culinary Institute
of New York City
    A French culinary school located in New York City that is dedicated preparing students for an exciting career.  
  The Culinary Institute of America     A culinary school located in St. Helena, California  
  Colllege of Culinary Arts
Johnson & Wales University
    A college for culinary students located in Providence, Rhode Island.  
  The Art Institutes     An art institute located in Pittsburgh, Pennsyvania, with a culinary program for students interested in the culinary arts.  
  Da-Thao Tina Luu     Da-Thao Tina Luu lectures at the Art Institute of California in San Diego  
  Professional Culinary Institute     The Professional Culinary Institute is the only chef owned school located in Campbell, California.  
  Culinard     Virginia Premier cooking school  
  L'Academie de Cuisine     A premier culinary School in Washington D.C.  
  California School of Culinary Arts     Culinary Arts school in Pasadena California  



Fine Restaurants

  Café La Europe     Located in Palm Beach, Florida, this exclusive cafe uses Tuile Time templates for many of their desserts.  
  Café Boulud-Palm Beach     Exclusive restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida  
  Finale Dessert Company     Restaurant in Boston & Cambridge, MA with sensational dessert experiences.  
  Cafe Maxx     Award winning cuisine in a trendy Pompano Beach Cafe.  
  Chef Allen's The Restaurant     Chef Allen's trendy restaurant is located in Aventura , Florida  
  Kelly Liken     Kelly Liken is a favorite restaurant for residents and tourists visiting Vail, Colorado.  
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