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Useful links for those interested in
the Culinary Arts

Below are some of Tuile Times favorite links. You will find several websites about chocolate, pastry, food, wine, bakeries, recipes and more.

You'll also see links to some of the most informative culinary magazines for both teachers at culinary schools and chefs.

Just click on one or more of the links below (to the left) and enjoy!


  Dessert Professional     A magazine published 4 times a year with recipes, cookbook reviews and news about chocolate and deserts  
  Art Culinaire Magazine     Magazine featuring chefs and recipes published for over 19 years  
  Fran's Chocolates, Ltd.     A delicious online chocolate store  
  Sensational Chocolates     Fine Gormet Chocolates  
  The Triton     Nautical News for Captains and Crews  
  Chef Bo     Chef Bo's website featuring info about baking and pastry  
  The World Pastry Forum     Devoted to pastry recipes, chefs and techniques  
  Copia     The American center for wine, food and the arts  
  Tish Boyle     Food magazine editor and writer, Tish Boyle  
  Albert Uster Imports     Products for Chefs worldwide  
  Jacques Torres Chocolate Shoppe     This chocolate shoppe is like a small European specialty store  
  Pastry Scoop     A pastry resource connection  
  Pastry Art and Design     Pastry Art & Design Magazine  
  Notter School of Pastry Arts     Pastry courses taught by internationally renowned professionals  
  Dessert Architect      
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